If you don't know who the guy in the image above is, his name is Cameron Herrin. He is 21 years old and a convicted felon.
He will serve 24 years in prison (or we think he will) for murder of 2 people. Cameron Herrin was participating in an illegal street race.
He killed 24 year old Jessica Raubenolt and 21 month old Lillia Raubenolt by running them over at 100mph (160kph). The murders happened at Tampa, Florida, USA, in 2018.
The reason I am talking about this is because Cameron Stans on TikTok have made videos and typed comments saying that "He is too cute to be locked up" and "He deserves another chance".
In my opinion, I believe that Cameron deserves what he deserves. I am not a lawyer or an expert on the law so idk honestly.
An inactive account having the same name as the convicted felon has had 2.2 million TikTok followers. Bear in mind that Cameron Herrin was never an internet celebrity before the incident.
If that isn't proof that "Pretty Privilage" does exsist, I don't know what is. To conclude this blog post, Cameron Herrin, convicted felon, said to sentence 24 years in prison, has gotten stans from TikTok to get a second chance after murdering 2 people.